The joys of an Indian summer

I know us Brits talk about the weather… somewhat endlessly. But given that it is 30c today, early Sept and that we have had the most reliable summer I’ve know for years, well- it’s not at all surprising .  So  here are three things I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of days of Indian summer:

ImageFitzroy Square in central London ( W1) is the only Georgian square in London’s town centre, nestled between Warren St and Charlotte St, the houses have stone facades and were designed during the late 18th century with the aristocracy in mind. They have not lost their grandeur or splendor and the garden in the center of the square is an absolute oasis on a hot sunny London day.


Both Warren St and Charlotte St boast a plethora of restaurants, a global culinary village. At times it’s almost hard to believe that you are actually in central London and not on a Mediterranean holiday . I was fortunate enough to get a table in the 20 seat Honey & Co in Warren St, the food was out of this world and I can’t recommend the ‘cauliflower Shawarma’ enough ( and yes, for the vegetarians among you, of which I am one, this is a vegetarian Shawarma)Image

And finally, my urban vegetable patch is  ‘enjoying’ this Indian summer as much as me. My butternut squash plants have burst into the most beautiful milky yellow blooms and my runner beans are literally ‘killing’ each other in the race to grow taller and bigger!



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