What is it about tradition that us Brits like so much?

Those who know me know I don’t drink, the most adventurous I get with my drinks is freshly squeezed orange juice.. I’ve never liked alcohol. So whilst I love how the old traditional pubs look they are not exactly my ideal hanging place. That said, when smoking was banned in public places and the option of going down to the pub for a ‘quick pint and a fag’ was no longer an option, coupled with the fact that hard times hit, many people opted to have their ‘pint and fag’ at home and this called for some seriously creative thinking on the part of many  a pub landlord. As far as I am concerned the result is a winning formula of traditional pubs being restored to their warm, cosy selves with the injection of some fine dining, bar side or in separate dining rooms. The food in general is a mixture of traditional British food with a twist and the ingredients sourced locally. Some parts of London are ‘blessed’ with many such pubs, I happen to live in North London and we are spoiled for choice.  So here is a quick one at The Bull & last Pub in Highgate :

ImageTraditional ‘Hunters lodge’ decor with Mr Moose keeping you company

ImageTraditional fish and chips ( more the size of shark and chips)

Highly recommend!

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