A quick snapshot from life…

As some of you may know we recently introduced a weekly column to our website ( and newsletter) called ‘Top Nine’, a collection of my personal snaps , things I have seen, eaten, wanted, heard, read- basically anything that inspired me. We ran a competition this week on our FB wall and on our Twitter account asking our followers to send us some inspiring images, personal or otherwise, or weblinks for us to use in our forthcoming newsletter. To my great surprise, no fashion inspiration was submitted but I guess with the opportunity to snap so readily using ones phone people do really capture little snapshot of their lives that mean something to them. A snapshot that makes remembering something special a whole lot easier. It was hard to choose a winner, we had such lovely entries and in the end we chose two because their photos felt , to me anyway, like England feels at the moment: hot, lazy and rather cosy. so here we go:

Anne Bostwick, ‘stairway to heaven’ snapped at St Nicholas Church, Pevensey, East Sussex.


Kel Bridge ‘Rocks’ 

These are my children and their friends exploring on the exact same rocks as I did as a child, and the exact same ones my mum did too on her camping trips as a child 🙂 



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