The ‘mid -life’ crisis of a bag

You’ve all seen the  ‘before’ sketch and ‘after’ image of many a bag. But the ‘mid life’ of a bag is an area less well documented and true to it’s name the ‘mid- life’ of a bag often involves a crisis… if not several.

Design companies show their new collections a year ahead (we’ve just shown our summer 2014 range this week!) and deliver about 5 months after the shows and some 3-4 months ahead of season. When we showed our Winter 2013 range last January, we were delighted at the reaction and level of orders, leaving us now with the tricky part of the process- getting production made and delivered on time. Initially, we thought we were ahead of ourselves however one thing we have no control over is mother nature, and believe it or not weather can seriously cause a bag to have a mid-life crisis. Common weather problems are transport problems- fog, snow,ice,wind…. but when it comes to leather the biggest problem attributed to weather is the fact that it is not possible to tan ( dye) leather in humid conditions . Humidity prevents the dyes from becoming fast, in simple terms this means that instead of staying in the leather the colour runs! So after several attempts we’ve manage to get going during the dry, non humid days and our production will be complete next week, thank god!

For now here are some photos of our bags, at the last stages of their mid-life crisis 🙂 and I will post some photos of them looking at their glorious best next month, so you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots!


ImageThe straps and the ‘raw edges’ are hand painted to match the main body colour and are hung up to dry. If they don’t dry properly due to the weather, the process is repeated


Internal lining, zips and pockets are prepared whilst the bag exteriors are drying


As soon as the handles have dried and are good to go they are stitched in place and  plastic covered to protect them


The bags are complete , ready for the final quality control before they are packed for delivery.

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