A real Scoop!

Just got back to the office having shown at Scoop International situated at the Saatchi and Phillips Galleries. The idea being to showcase upcoming and established top-end brands in a beautiful setting , surrounded by contemporary art. However good this sounds on paper, it was so much better in reality and despite it’s international mix this show finally highlights just how cool and forward thinking London is and is a credit to its founder Karen Radley.  I’m hoping that some of my ‘diary’ images below reflect the overall feel and the great attention to detail. We can’t wait to show again and will be updating you on some of the wonderful shops that will now stock the new Nadia Minkoff London collection.

ImageWelcome to Scoop International at the Phillips Gallery

ImageThe beautiful gallery space

ImageThe Nadia Minkoff London space

ImageLive photoshoot taking place during the day

ImageMeringue anyone?

ImageGoing from one gallery to the other? hope into a Scoop rickshaw (complete with cute driver!)

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