A day in the countryside

The best thing about London during a really hot summer’s weekend is that you can escape to the countryside quite easily, if you wish to. We’re experiencing a mighty heatwave here at the moment and as I have a pretty stressful week and weekend ahead I opted to escape London last Sunday. Living in the North of London makes The Chiltern Hills an obvious destination, I go quite regularly and it never disappoints. The Ashridge estate is quite spectacular with it’s wide open fields, beautiful woodlands, rolling hills and so much blossom at the moment. I’d be lying if I told you my hayfever was unaffected by this expedition but still, it was well worth it.

ImageOpen meadows and old Oak trees

Imagewoodland walks

Imagerolling fields

Imagewild honeysuckle

Imageand lots of Foxglove flowers

2 thoughts on “A day in the countryside

  1. I love the Ashridge Estate – it’s always where I escape to when London gets a bit too much as well. I came across an adder basking on top of the bracken at head height last time I was there though, so keep your eyes peeled! Jx

    1. Oh no, I was thinking just that as I was walking through the thick grass on Sunday, kept telling myself I must be mad but it was so hot, really felt like ‘snake weather’ now I see my fears were not that mad! but it is so beautiful..

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