At The G8 London conference

ImageLancaster House, corner of Green Park and The Mall ( neighbours: Buckingham Palace to the left and St James’s Palace to the right)

g8-roomThe state room

durbar-ct-floor The Durbar Court, Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( King Charles St backing on to Downing St)

inviteThe golden ticket

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a delegate to the G8 London conference which was held last week in the splendour of Lancaster House. Whilst I am really not a political animal, the main agenda for this conference was the empowerment of women,  a topic which does interest me and which I find very significant. not only were the sessions explosive, it was interesting to see such a high profile conference run by, chaired by and to the most part occupied by women. The dynamics for the very large portion of male attendees must have been something of an eye opener! For the few men there is was a case of smile and nod politely and you were in the good books, say something contrary and risk the uproar.

The icing on the cake was an invite for a reception and award ceremony at The Dunbar Court, an opportunity to see first hand what goes on behind the monumental buildings on Whitehall. The handing out  of awards in this impressive setting to formidable business women from the Middle East and North Africa was a happy, positive affair, an opportunity for these women to let down their hair and soak up a gender equality that to us living in London especially is the norm not and exception.

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