Weekend warrior??? yep, that’s me




ImageYou may be wondering why I am writing about ‘weekend warriors’ smack bang in the middle of the week?? I think it’s fair to say that this is how long it has taken me to recover (and to regain the full use of my legs!) from the weekends events.  Following some gentle persuasion from a fellow runner and friend  I succumbed and booked myself a space at Green-fit ‘Weekend warrior’ session. I read the blurb on the website and had my doubts about my ability to do this but decided to go for it just the same.  More than anything the idea of spending 3.5 hours in Highgate Woods and Hampstead Heath had huge appeal and clenched the deal for me.

We were fortunate to be blessed with a glorious, sunny if somewhat blustery morning on arrival at the woods 08.30 on Saturday. The next 3.5 hours were spent running, power walking, circuit training and doing squats- just had to mention the squats…. so many squats I have never done so many squats in my life. All made completely ‘do-able’ by the wonderful coach Bridgit and the breathtaking scenery.     Hampstead Heath, apart from being gloriously green at the moment, is full of buttercups and other flowers, I know I’ve said this before but for an urban green space it doesn’t come much better. As for me becoming a warrior from now on? well, my legs did feel like they might just drop off the next day but I am certainly up for it again, even looking forward to it.

If you’re spending any time over the week outdoors, in the woods, in nature, enjoy it, such a great time of the year to appreciate nature.


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