A Lilac love affair



ImageThose who know me know I love my garden.. such a ‘British’ things, but I really do. For me it’s an oasis in the middle of a sprawling megalopolis, which is 24/7 London. When I bought my little house, some years back, my budget was very small but I was happy to settle for a small house as long as it had a half decent garden, and that is exactly what I did. My house is small, and trust me when I say small but my garden is not at all bad for a city garden, it surrounds the house and is adjacent to a  green ( which for those of you not familiar is in fact an open green space for public use) which, makes it feel alot bigger, as if it extends beyond it’s walls. But what really sold it for me was the fact that my garden had a 90 year old Weeping willow and two fabulous lilac trees, a lilac one and a white one. Can’t tell you just how much I love lilac trees. My white lilac tree was unfortunately destroyed during some building work I had done and I was forced to take down my beloved Willow tree at my neighbours insistence. But my purple lilac is as lovely and sweet smelling as it ever was. It’s been so cold her for so long that blossom has come late. This week however, it’s beautifully  hot and sunny and as lilac blossom is short lived it will be all but gone by the weekend so I’ve managed to get a few quick snaps to share with you and to make the blossom ‘last’ longer. Such a shame I can’t post the delicate fragrance of these flowers too.

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