Mass V Cottage industry

ImageIs it just me who finds myself more and more drawn to ‘ the small guys’ as opposed to the ‘big boys’? I’ve reached a point where global cafe’s , large chains offering mass produced food are places I venture into only through necessity. Given the choice I’m always one for artisan, one-off, tucked away. Now I know these tucked away small, cottage industry ventures often have less choice, at times are more expensive and possibly are not as quick.. but to me they feel real, they make me happy,they make me take notice of what I am eating or drinking, they make for a good conversation and a good point of reference. A colleague introduced me recently to the ‘Street Kitchen’ which for now is based in Finsbury Avenue Square,) a stones throw away from Liverpool St Station).This gorgeous looking trailer offers first class food, made from fresh seasonal produce sourced entirely in the UK. It’s not cheap and I’ve been told the lunch-time queues can be long but boy is it good and well worth a try ( and even a journey). Here is the link if you want to check them out Personally, I  hope they are an inspiration to plenty more.


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