The art of communicating


Last time I visited Japan I was fortunate enough to take some time out to go and relax  at the beautiful Sensoji temple. Now I am well aware that the art of communicating these days evolves to a great extent around our mobile phones… do I really like it? I am not sure, in fact I think I don’t. Am I allowed to say that without being sent to the gallows?? I hope so.

I see people looking at their phone more than they look at people, people eating together completely absorbed by their phone, on the bus, train or park the phone is a palm distance away.

So on reaching the temple it was quite lovely seeing tradition take over,ladies in Kimonos,good luck trinkets to be bought from the monks, incense to be lit… a step back in time. Am I kidding myself? one peep round the corner and oops, there it is again, mobile communication.

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