Rock house


During my travels to Iceland last summer I was taken aback by the ‘rock houses’ built into the sides of rock faces and cliffs. Apparently they were built this way to protect the house from the elements and to keep it warm during the bitterly cold winter. The roofs are covered with vegetation, moss  and plants acting as insulation and making them ‘belong’ to the landscape. Driving back home today London was grey, bitterly cold and the heavy snowfall was now a dirty ,oily sludge on the roads, my mind drifted back to the rock  houses of Iceland . The idea of going back to a rock house with a burning fire was such an appealing thought.. I guess we have no cliffs or rocky façades in London so I can just dream away. Anyway, back home I put on the central heating and looked at the white, untouched snow in my garden and actually, it wasn’t too bad at all



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