Invigorated?? you must be joking…ready to hibernate if you must know



They do say that after a holiday you return you to work relaxed and invigorated, is this really so??  It may well work in a warm climate where you wake up to daylight and return from work as the sun sets. However, going back to work in a cold country is a different story all together. Seems to me that a break from work in a cold country is the onset of serious hibernation, anybody else out there share my sentiments?   So,with it being Friday afternoon, pitch dark, cold and wet outside ,the festive season now well and truly over for another year, I sit at my desk and long to be tucked under a duvet and doing as little as possible. And as for the festive season, who cares if it is over? it’s always a good time to have a glass of fragrant, spiced mulled wine!  Have a great weekend and if you happen to be in London try out the mulled wine at Borough Market, tastes as good as it smells.


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