Wish I could add the smell too

dough in-sugar doughnuts


I should have gone out running today, I should have gone and made a dent into my yet undone Christmas shopping, I had things for the house I really needed to buy. So what did I do?  I stayed at home and I made these gorgeous mini doughnuts, served hot, dipped in sugar and cinnamon with a side of fresh brewed coffee. Just a shame that wordpress doesn’t come with a ‘smell this’ option .

One thought on “Wish I could add the smell too

  1. YUUUMMM!!! My Grandad used to run a Bakery. Every so often when I was a kid he’d come to our house and make fresh doughnuts for us using the back of the aga to activate the yeast in the dough….I’d eat 5 or 6 in one sitting….LARGE ONES! Would I do that now??? NOOOO WAYYYY!! Maybe 2 TOPS! As for running – LOVE IT – permit to eat!!! I’d go MAD if I couldn’t run! XXXX

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