Weekly Wish List – Greetings from Iceland

As promised, I am sending my Weekly Wish List from Iceland.

I am currently here on a short break, staying away from the crowds and enjoying the vast expanses of wilderness, waterfalls, lava fields, Ice caps, Icebergs and naturally hot water pools… magic.

What I have seen of Icelandic fashion, food and design clearly reflects the nature here and I hope that my list shows it. Hope you enjoy it’s gentle tones and of course… the delicious cinnamon rolls.

A great week to all, Nadia x




  1. Eva Vilhelmsdóttir at Kraum, One size wrap around knitted collar
  2. Handmade chocolates from Mosfell Bakery in Reykjavik
  3. Saedis Bauer Lava and silver ring
  4. Litla Flugan leather pouch
  5. White socks from Knit Iceland
  6. Blue Lagoon, mineral biphasic toner
  7. Lavaland silver bangle
  8. Ceramics by Kristbjörg Guðmundsdóttir
  9. Dora Arna ceramic candle sticks
  10. Icelandic cinnamon rolls

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