Flying the Flag – Best of British

Wow – it really is incredible how the whole country is celebrating the Jubilee right now. Up and down the country the shops are covered in Union Jack flags and all things Royal!

It is hard to find a shop without any kind of Jubilee celebration decorations. One of my team was in the gorgeous town of Cirencester last weekend and she commented on how from the fish shop to the fashion stores, all shops had some kind of Jubilee decoration. She particularly loved how the second hand shops had really added the red, white and blue touches to their window displays.

And London right now is looking very smart and colorful – have you seen the flags in Regent Street? And if you have a chance take a walk through Covent Garden it really looks pretty right now. This is London at its best!

The theme for my latest weekly Wish list is of course The Best of British! See the Weekly Wish list here.

If you have not signed up already please do! I have received a lot of feedback from my wonderful followers that they love this list and that it helps to inspire them when looking for gifts and treats.


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