Nadia’s Weekly Wishlist

I love creating these weekly Wish Lists – I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as I love capturing all the info!

This week I am playing it safe. The weather is doing little to inspire me so instead I am opting for a safe and demure selection with a hint of rose and berry (and of course a touch of chocolate).

Even the food I am craving is wholesome and vitamin packed – I’ve selected a gorgeous lentil and pomegranate salad with parsley, cumin and coriander. Yummy!

Have you ever come across the Chocolate Cosmos Plant? For those of you who have – you’ll know what I’m talking about – and for those of you who have yet to discover this deliciously scented plant, I urge you to  take a trip to your garden centre and pick one up! I simply love these plants and the smell is almost a replacement for the real thing… (notice I said almost!)

Take a look at the full list on our dedicated Wish List page.

Have a great week, no matter the weather.



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