My Weekly Wish List, April 30th

I am inspired by so many gorgeous things and in an attempt to capture some of these I’ve decided to start sharing with you my weekly Wish List.

It’s a bit like daydreaming for things rather than shopping… I would love to buy them all but that is why it is called my Wish List… for now I just need to wish for them! From things for my home to pretty accessories I come across, from colours that inspire me to new flavours I encounter – I have provided links to places you can buy them just in case my inspiration gets the better of you!

Wish List 30 April 2012

  1. Hunter Wellies @ Harrods
  2. Missoni Umbrella @ Liberty
  3. Miller Harris Candle set
  4. New Raj Tunic dress @ Harvey Nichols
  5. Lau dinner bowls @ Habitat
  6. Jamie Oliver’s Stir Fried Vegetables
  7. Prestat Chocolate heart assortment
  8. Nadia Minkoff Fried Egg Earrings
  9. Nadia Minkoff Sloane Slim Clutch
  10. Bobbi Brown, Rose Shimmer Brick

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